1. 05 KRYPToN


ain't no way to say goodbye
from my blue sky
baby baby you could try
o you could try

hush a baby don't you cry
you were born to fly
dry your wings under the sun
and turn them toward the sky

carry me to the bright side
angel of mine
o'er the weight of the spring tide
my lullabye

long ago and far away
once upon a time
life is but a dream they said
and you must toe the line

of all the magic beans i've sown
here among the pine
how was i ever to know
(how could i know)
where to cross the vine

but love was never the safe side
where love was blind
so when they say that you're too shy
don't you comply
try to see it from my side
in your own time

just remember
my dearest friend
just remember
the circle has no end
and if some things
are better left unsaid
try to remember
don't let the clowns
you will get by

yeah everything will be just fine
i'll see you in no time
baby baby you could fly
no way to say goodbye

from my blue sky